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The life of a young mandrake is about to take an unexpected turn when he naively leaves the safety of his village. He is not aware of the dangers of the world, however, with great curiosity and an even bigger heart, he can surely surpass everything that gets in his way.

Larry The Unlucky 3

Will Suzi be alright? Find out in the third and final installment of Larry’s story. Follow him along his quest to save his wife and break the curse that was cast upon him at birth. Help him solve puzzles and escape tricky situations in his adventures around the world.

Stargazing: Genesis

Professor Wilson was forced to move to a new laboratory. His confidence in his studies will drive him in the wrong direction. He will find something new, indeed, but will his discovery be a dangerous one?

Larry The Unlucky 2

Larry is back! If you enjoyed the first game, you will absolutely adore this one! He is not just a little boy anymore, he is a grown man and it seems that love found her place in his heart. But will the unluckiness let him marry the girl of his dreams?